I'm a bit of a stickler when it comes to media organization. In regards to music, I keep FLAC separate from mp3. I have a structure that looks like music/flac/ and music/mp3/. There are times when I want FLAC files (listening at home) and times when I want mp3s (mobility). The problem is there is not a...

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Posted by kael on 2 June 2014
VMenu: A Recipe Viewer for Visionect's V-Tablet

For quite a while now my girlfriend and I have been using Evernote to store and view the recipes we have acquired over the years. My biggest issue with the system was how we were viewing them: on our phones. I wanted something a little bigger than my phone. There was also the issue of backlights and locking. Either I...

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Posted by kael on 21 May 2014
EVE Shopper

For the past year or so I've been playing EVE. I often found myself needing to purchase something and looking through EVE-Central (a site which displays where items are for sale and how much they are). The best prices were typically many jumps away. In my head...

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Posted by kael on 25 February 2014

I use [Sublime Text] as my primary editor. Whenever I use my paste tool the source is typically from Sublime. To save the copy/paste steps involved I created a plugin to automatically paste selected text - or the entire document - to my site. This missing part of this process is editing the pastes after they go live, but that's...

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Posted by kael on 5 January 2013

I have a large set of files which I mostly use in Linux but occassionaly I need to access them in Windows. Unfortunately, some of these files have invalid Windows characters, such as : and ?. When viewing this in Windows the filenames show up as garbage. I needed something that would allow me to view these files in Windows without duplicating...

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Posted by kael on 9 September 2012
Django Admin and nginx

Django's development server does some very convenient things. One of them is service static media for the Admin site. When moving to a production server, in my case I was using nginx to host the static content, the media files were returning a 404.

I made two changes. In my file, I changed ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX to `ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX = '/admin_media...

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Posted by kael on 4 May 2012

For a cryptography class a couple years ago, a friend (Bryan Wintermute) and I created something to show how the Playfair cipher works.

Half of the project consisted of demonstrating Playfair while the other half was me seeing what I could do with jQuery and moving objects around the page...

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Posted by kael on 2 May 2012
New Site

This is where my new website will be. It is definitely a work-in-progress, so stay tuned.

Posted by kael on 2 January 2012