I use Sublime Text as my primary editor. Whenever I use my paste tool the source is typically from Sublime. To save the copy/paste steps involved I created a plugin to automatically paste selected text - or the entire document - to my site. This missing part of this process is editing the pastes after they go live, but that's a project for later.

Below is the README file for the project.


A plugin for Sublime Text 2 that pastes to my site. The plugin determines which syntax Sublime Text is using and then attempts to match it to something the paste site supports (with Pygments). Anything unknown defaults to plain text.

There aren't any settings. After selecting some text, the context menu contains "Paste to Web" which triggers the paste. If no text is selected the entire document is used. The title of the paste is that of the document. A URL to view the paste is placed into the clipboard.


To install, simply copy the paster folder to Sublime's package directory. I'll work on getting it into Package Control at some point.

Posted by kael on 5 January 2013