About Me

I am a software developer at Microsoft. While we are under the Windows org, we don't work on Windows directly. My group works on in-box-apps for Windows 8 which includes Mail, Calendar, People, and Messaging. My team owns the mail sync engines (EAS and IMAP/SMTP). We handle keeping all of the emails, calendar appointments, and contacts in sync.

Before the sync team, most of my team was working on part of the platform for the aforementioned Messaging app. At this time, we were actually under Windows Live. That work was similar, except we had to maintain an MSNP session and manage buddy presence.

I work primarily with C++, and have been for years. I've been with Microsoft since April of 2011. I arrived here immediately after graduating from Oregon Institute of Technology with a Bachelor's in Software Engineering and another Bachelor's in Applied Mathematics.

Previously I worked at Qualcomm. I worked there for three summers (internships), and then throughout my last year of college as a contractor. At Qualcomm I was on a tool development team in a group that did network analysis and optimization. The majority of my work revolved around handling large datasets. The work there was primarily in C++, but there was a dose of C# and Perl. As we were a tools team, I was able to work on many other projects as well.

I hope to become more active in the open source community and with personal projects. If things go according to plan, this website will mainly be a place for me to post projects with a minor discussion on them.


The easiest way to contact me is to send an email to my name at kaelspencerstudios.com

Alternatively, you can leave me a voicemail via Google Voice. Enter your number below, then you will be called and able to leave me a voicemail.